Hormonal2Hot with Chrissie McDonald

I help women over 40 regain their strength, their body, their power and their confidence by, rebalancing hormones, restoring metabolism and rebuilding their mindset


with Chrissie McDonald

I help women navigate the often confusing, frustrating and changing years of midlife by restoring metabolism hormones and confidence to reinvent themselves for a better outlook

I address the BIG 5 Elements of Well being: Physical (including hormones, metabolism and weight) Mental/emotional, Professional, Relationships and Purpose

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Hi Girls, I’m Chrissie

I’ve been in fitness for 28 years. It is my calling, my passion and my journey. Through-out my years and experience as a personal trainer, I have helped many women, all over the globe, to lose weight, regain their shape, bodies and confidence through my 5 step system Hormonal2Hot. Being a mother and grandmother and a fitness professional, I know how important it is to be a role model to my family and friends as a strong empowered woman, who is not afraid to go after what she wants, and create a life I want to live.
And that starts with loving the body you are in.

How I can help you!

Are my hormones sabotaging my results?

I can help you identify and overcome issues with hormones that are holding you back.

Is your metabolism out of whack?

Are you feeling sluggish and worn out? Together we can sort out any metabolism issues you may struggle with.

Menopause and mindset

The biggest hurdle you will face is often your thought life. Having someone supportive who will cheer you on is so valuable in moving forward.

My most comprehensive training


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