Can you believe it’s just over 2 weeks until Christmas. How fast has this year gone!!! I’ll have to admit, some of this year has been awful. Some of it OMG! But for the most, it has been amazing, interesting and brought about many changes that will set 2017 to be sensational!

Ok..I am going to give you 2 tips to survive the Christmas festivities and summer BBQ’s that are about to unfold!

Tip #1…

Don’t stop exercising.

Just because you’re on holiday doesn’t mean your metabolism needs to take a vacation. You’ve probably been working really hard these last few months to have that summer body….don’t destroy it in 2 weeks! Try to avoid sitting on the couch for the day watching movies eating cake. Get moving…..even if it’s just for 30 minutes.
Go for a big walk, or do a quick intense workout using body weight and include workouts that include

You can easily fill in 30 minutes doing these exercises mixed in with some sprints, stairs and walking.
You will feel so much better both physically and emotionally when you have done some sort of exercise. Go easier by all means, but remember, your metabolism doesn’t know it’s Christmas, and the fat will go back on if you treat it with complacency.

Tip #2

Watch your food intake, especially if you aren’t doing as much exercise as you normally would. Remember that alcohol has calories, and some more than others, so be mindful of the amount you consume, the mixers, and the sugar laden cider’s which are very thirst quenching, but butt bulging!
And definitely watch what you are eating when you are consuming alcohol. Your liver will be busy metabolizing the alcohol so any food consumed at the same time will be down the priority list, and may be stored as body fat. All those crackers, cheese’s and divine nibbles can quite literally end up on your hips and thighs. SO, my advice is to simply change what you are eating as nibbles. Take your own! Instead of all that tempting stuff, have sliced vegetables, cottage and feta cheese, smoked mussels and shrimps, and bucket loads of low calorie strawberries!!  Easy, healthy and SO much better for you!! Who cares if anyone thinks you are a health freak. You are looking after your body, and THAT is the main thing!

Also, I have delayed the launch of my new membership which will now be called Strong Fit Chicks! I will now have the official launch in January, but you will still have access to the old platform until it is ready to go. I am offering to my tribe the half price rate $27.50 for 3 months until the launch also so if you haven’t already…make sure you jump on and register now while you still can. Follow the link below to register..

OR click on this page…

And Finally, I am SO excited and thrilled to be a part of this amazing event coming up next month on January 11th in Auckland.
Avidgirlboss, is a transformational movement created by Belinda Jane, who is living with purpose, honouring her calling to empower women worldwide to #JUSTB! To love your Self as you are right now, and to live life on your terms, unapologetically!

It’s time to own your awesome power and show up in the world unapologetically, authentically YOU. Show up to #AGBAuckland and learn how. It is about getting real with your Self, it’s about celebrating your feminine energy and trusting your intuition. It’s about living life on your terms!

Whether you choose to come along for business or personal, it’s totally up to you! We would be honoured to have you there! It’s about listening to your Soul whispers, those thoughts we have that drive us to be and do better, to step up and make decisions that will change our lives in a positive way.

Belinda is a powerhouse catalyst for change, and through her stories and messages, empowers you on your journey of self-discovery, enlightenment and transformation to make those changes you may have only “hoped” for, or wished you could make happen.

I will be speaking along with the Avid Girl Boss herself, as well as some amazing speakers on all sorts of subjects.
You are living an awesome life, you are going for your dreams and just want to be the best version of YOU that you can be. You know there is more to life than just working 9 – 5 and paying bills.

You can still purchase the early bird special ….so don’t hesitate, just do it… Follow this link to make the booking.

Ok, that’s it for this week…
Have the best weekend ever and enjoy the festivities, and stay on track!!



CM x

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