This is Monica’s story…

Monica approached me several months ago now about doing some personal training sessions with her, to help her back to a healthy lifestyle, and lose the weight that just wasn’t budging regardless of what she did! We hit it off straight away and began an amazing journey back to health, wellness and a rocking hot body!


I started to train with Chrissie about 7 months ago.
I am a working mum with two young children. when I came to her, I was really stressed and over weight.

About two years ago ,
my son had life threatening accident and for the last two years, we spent five month in and out hospital and went through several surgeries.
I was focusing on helping my son getting better and still trying to help with family business at the same time. My diet was terrible.I just ate what I could when I could, and it was usually bad.
I could not sleep much with all the stress, so my sleep patterns became very erratic and I just survived on very little sleep. I was so stressed all the time, but had to hold it together for the business, for my family, and for my son.
Things finally started to come right and our sons health steadily improved, and we could get back to “normal”!

When I decided to go to gym, my motivation was getting fit and healthy so I can be there for my children .
Since I started to train with Chrissie, there are so many things that have changed in my life.
I have lost 7kg, I can fit my old clothes, wear my high heels again and I feel great! And I am finally following a sustainable healthy diet. I am so much better than I was a few months ago, but I still enjoy the odd wine, and eating out. I certainly feel great in my skinny jeans and more confident in my bikini .
But most importantly, I feel I am having my strength back , I feel strong , I am definitely a better version of myself. I am looking forward to continue train with Chrissie and challenging myself. She is taking me on a fitness journey and I would highly recommended to anyone. Life is great!


Monica’s body reacted to the stress she was under by increasing her cortisol levels so that she could survive the stress she was going through, the lack of exercise and bad diet. But because this stress was prolonged over many months, her elevated cortisol levels meant that her weight would not budge.
These high levels of cortisol will keep the weight on, and weight loss can become almost impossible.
By learning what these hormones were doing to her, including 3-4 workout sessions, including weight training and changing her nutrition, Monica’s body responded by losing the excess weight, fluid, while her strength and vitality increased.

If you feel these symptoms sound like you, if you feel you are continually under stress, and you just can’t lose weight regardless of what you do, how many classes you do, or how little you eat then you could be in the same boat as Monica.

If you are serious about how you can lose weight effectively, click on the link below and set up a time for a strategy call to ascertain what protocols you need to take to get the rocking hot body that Monica now has. if you live in another area, that doesn’t matter one bit. My online coaching does exactly the same job, just remotely.

Here is the link for your call to get you on your way to your own Rocking Hot Body!


I never say it’s easy at this age, but I do say it is NOT impossible!
I love nothing more than to share my love of health and fitness, share what I have learnt as a 40/50 something year old woman, who likes to maintain a Rocking Hot Body.





CM x


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