Aging Disgracefully!! 

It really has arrived. The “New Ageless Generation”.
The day of Women in their  40’s/50’s and 60’s becoming ageless, sexy, sassy and f**king hot are here!

Recently one of my clients said to me “I’m going to be fifty in January, and I had to decide whether I want to be Fifty and frumpy, or Fifty and fucking hot! Well…never a true word was spoken. That’s basically the truth of it. A decision to be Forty/fifty, and frumpy or forty/fifty and fucking hot!

Thirty years ago, turning 50 meant OLD!

It meant you cut your hair short, became a boring, overweight, menopausal, crazy, unsexy, unattractive, old maid who went to the shelf of middle age women and stayed there forever.

But no…enter the age of the PERINEIALS!

In an age where ageing is having a fear factor of 10 on a scale of 1-10, nudging into the ‘middle age’ bracket has never been less attractive. Unlike 30 years ago, many women now find themselves on their own, without partners, without a husband, and their children having left the nest. What now? Is life really over?

Being middle aged is interesting. I mean, you’re not dead, but society it seems, has the misconception that you have reached the pinnacle, and there’s a slippery slope down the other side. Really?

Does it mean, that we can no longer wear miniskirts, animal print or sexy as f***k killer heels?
Does it mean we have huge medical, dental and botox bills? Does it mean we give up on dating, turn the heating up, wear tweed skirts and let our hair go ‘natural’?
Does that mean we, as “middle age’ women can’t forge ahead as a sassy, intelligent business woman?
Does this mean that sexy doesn’t even get a mention, and we “shut up shop”?

I think NOT! Perennials aren’t just about looks. It’s the full package!

The thing is, like so many women I personal train, coach, train, I network with and women I associate with a “middle age” women, who are leaders in their fields. They are smart, kick ass, totally sexy and totally sassy in every way. They know who they are and they KNOW what they want! And it’s not the bullshit of yesty year! We are creative, we are curious, we are passionate and we are not sitting still in our rocking chairs. We are free to do whatever the hell we want to do, and for some of us, that means a compete 180 turn around in our thinking doing and being.

Forget the middle age spread! Forget the thunder thighs and over 50’s  aerobic classes! Strong, fit, kickass and six packs (maybe just flat tummy) are the order of the day.

We are seriously not taking the bullshit from society, or from anyone who wants to put us in our “place”!

Many of my mentors/idols (not that I bother with idolizing anyone) are over 40, pushing 50.
Julia Roberts, Jennifer Anniston, Oprah Windfrey, Michelle Obama, Gina Ostarly, JK Rowling, Sheryl Crowe, Madonna, and many more! Then there are the over 40 somethings still pushing the limits within my Les Mills tribe.
These women not only look kick ass, look amazing, look sexy; they are totally owing who they are.
Susan Tolj Renata, Tracy Minnoch and Emma Barry to name a few. Totally rocking an over 40’s body mind and soul.

Helen Mirran, who is 70, and f**king amazing says…
“At 70 years old, if I could give my younger self one piece of advice, it would be to use the words “f**k off” much more frequently.

My story is the same as many of you women of our age. I am 53, and you may think I look perfect, have the perfect body, perfect life, perfect everything, but wait. I have insecurities just like you.
I have had the weight gain, the flabby tummy, the bell fat, the weight that won’t budge no matter what I did, the feelings of exhaustion and lack of motivation, feelings of being left on the shelf, alone, rejection from men, and feeling like there is not hope

I have felt extremely frustrated with my body, and almost to the point where I loathe it. It has been sore, many niggling injuries, tired and just not doing what I want it to do .
And I come from a fitness background so how come this is happening to me. Why can’t I do the same thing as I have done over the last few years?

The thing is; how is anyone else meant to love me or my body if I don’t love it, or love myself completely.

So let me leave you with this….

Do you want to age gracefully along with the tweed skirt and rocking chair, or take the world by storm, bring your sexy back and start having the time of your life!

Do you want to be forty/fifty and frumpy? Or forty/fifty and F**king hot! The choice is yours…

Do you want to love your body, let it love you, feel good and rock on into the next decade being the best version of yourself? Or will you be like our grandmothers, the ones doing the knitting wishing they had the chance to do things differently.

Well you can!

Download my e-book to find out how you can be the latter…

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Remember…forty/fifty and frumpy…OR NOT! The choice is yours!




CM x




Remember…forty/fifty and frumpy…OR NOT! The choice is yours!


CM x

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