In a nut shell, they are a major contributor to your struggle with weight

Hormonal imbalance can create

  • weight gain
  • loss of energy, 
  • loss of motivation,
  • injuries,
  • expanding waistline, 
  • health problems, 
  • digestive problems and bloating, 
  • sluggish metabolism, 
  • sleepless nights, 
  • mood swings, 
  • brain fog…and the list goes on

Why are you here?

1. Peri or menopausal

2. Weight is so much harder to shift

3. Feeling moody

4. Tired, exhausted all the time

5. No motivation

6. No direction

7. Whatever you used to do no longer works

8. Confused

9. Aching sore joints and injuries holding you back

It’s not just age or hormones that are creating these symptoms….

It’s accumulation of everything you have or haven’t done up until now

Made worse by stress

The problem is that all of a sudden, you realise that 10kg is so much harder to lose, possibly almost impossible. And that 10 kg soon becomes 20 kg and beyond. And not only does nothing fit in your wardrobe, you hate going out in fear that people will whisper about how much weight you’ve put on

You lose confidence in yourself and your abilities, and feel invisible and insignificant in social and work situations

Your relationships suffer

Your homelife suffers

Your work suffers

Your body suffers

And the possibility of depression, on the rise amongst middle age women rises to the surface

So not only is there a physical breakdown within the body, but an emotional and mental one as well.

Let me tell you what you are doing wrong.

Join my Hormonal2Hot program and I’ll guide you all the way to hormonal balance, a hot body and energy to burn



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