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How cool would it be to think you can burn calories and smoke that body fat all day, even when you had finished working out. Sounds a bit crazy, and hard to get your head around, but then you’ve probably never heard of EPOC, or what it means either right?


Epoc is “Excess post exercise oxygen consumption”. Shawhat??


Epoc is the scientific term for the “afterburn effect”. Calories that you burn way after you have left the gym. What?


Calories that you burn even when you have left the gym?

Even when you are sitting at your desk working?

Even when you are sitting down eating again with your family HOURS LATER!!!

Even when you rock up to the gym the next day for more exercise.


How good does that sound? Almost too good to be true right?


But there are conditions for this EPOC to occur. And the calories/fat to be sizzled right off your body. (Or booty)


When you work out at such a high intensity that you can’t sustain for very long, without passing out on the floor, 2 things tend to happen.


Your muscles start to ache and you can’t breathe. What’s actually happening is that your muscles, when under this workload begin to fill up with Lactic acid, which is that burning feeling, and also your oxygen storage becomes depleted. HIIT workouts, and training with weights at a high intensity (which DOESN’T mean sitting on a machine scrolling facebook while you wait 30 seconds for the next set) force the body to work harder to build oxygen stores up again, which could be anywhere between 12-36 hours AFTER you have worked out!


The result…more calories are burned this way than if you exercised at a steady, lower intense pace. So even though you may burn more calories during a 10km run, the effect of an intense workout is far greater in the long run…


There have been many studies done to show the incredible results that come from this way of training, as opposed to steady state training. The best EPOC results found from studies came from short sharp intense workouts as well as resistance training (with heavy weights of some description or using body weight).

However, as it takes 24-36 hours to recover from HIIT type training, it is recommended you vary your training sessions to cover all bases.

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So if I could put this into easy to understand summery, this is an analogy of what is actually happening.


When you have driven a long distance in your car, it’s not rocket science to know that you need to refuel your car with the right fuel to replace what it has used in the process of getting you to your destination. The engine stays warm as it gradually cools down to the temperature it was at the beginning of the journey.

So the same thing is happening to your body after exercise. Once you have finished our workout, your engine or metabolism will continue to burn calories until it fully “cools down”….meaning while you go about your daily activities, you are still burning calories. The more intense the workout, especially when putting muscles under load, the higher the EPOC effect it has on your body.



I totally believe that weight training and the short sharp intense workouts that crossfit often offers are the key to burning calories far more than hours spent pounding the footpaths and doing endless hours of cardio on some machine, because of the EPOC effect, and the overall toning for your body. This is how I normally train my clients and it is the focus of my own training and how I manage to keep fit, healthy and looking and feeling way younger than my years!


There has to be some structure to these workouts, you cannot just roll up to the gym and walk around aimlessly moving from one machine to another, chatting with everyone that makes eye contact with you, believing that you are working to your maximum abilities and effort. The weights need to be just below your maximum effort, the right rep range, and in an order that will metabolically challenge your body. You need to be working hard, not slacking off between sets and maintaining perfect form with each exercise. Heavy, although beneficial will never compromise good form and technique.


Trust me…there is nothing more empowering, more sassy, more advantageous, more confident, more soul pleasing than to walk off the gym floor knowing that you have given your EVERYTHING in that workout, and that you feel like a boss! It is the best feeling ever. (well almost)


So, tell me…


Are you wanting to get in shape so that you can look the best you can and look younger than your years?


Does that sound great but you have no idea how to achieve all that?


Do you want to feel empowered, strong and capable of achieving any physical that has always eluded you?


Join my tribe and allow me to guide you to looking, feeling and being the best, the strongest, the sexiest, and the healthiest you can be at whatever age you are.


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Copyright © Sheryn Ellis











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