So, you reached your goal weight. You have lost 10 kg’s, 20 kg’s, maybe more, maybe less, sure thing, you lost it. You looked amazing, you were so happy with your body.

But that was 6 – 12 months ago. One short glimpse in the mirror and you realize that the tummy is soft and squidgy again, you can’t fit into those jeans you were so proud of when you brought them. Your thighs are rubbing together and the tuck shop arms are in full flight waving at everyone. And then to top it all off, the scales are now showing that you are creeping back to the weight where you were when you started your journey! And you’re thinking.”NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!” How did I get back to fat!

You are probably aware now them, that weight loss is not a physical challenge, it is more of a mental one.

Sound familiar anyone? I know it is. I understand………I have come across this hurdle SO many times as a personal trainer and it is a real and common occurrence. You are not alone and you are not a failure!

So WHY? Why does the fat creep back on? You know what to eat; you know what not to eat. You certainly know to get off the couch, put that bag of chips in the rubbish, and exercise every day, and you know for sure that alcohol is a distraction. You know the KFC is evil and that a block of chocolate is not just about obtaining anti-oxidants.

But for some reason, it’s not enough. It’s not enough to know all of that and still keep you 100% focused and to keep you motivated enough to either kickstart a new program or stay on track. There always seems to be a reason why you can’t stay committed.

“It’s too cold”

“It’s too early, I can’t possibly train in the morning”

“ Sweat ruins my makeup”

“I’ll get fit then I’ll go to the gym”

“ I haven’t got time”

“My knees hurt”

“I’m so tired”

“ I hate the gym”

“ I don’t have any Lorna Jane workout gear”


They are all just excuses, I’m sorry, but they are. This country Australia is fast encroaching on the USA statistics for being totally out of control with Obesity, diabetes and heart disease.

stop …fat

So what is it that burns your desire? What ignites the fire enough for you to turn around again… have done it before, you can do it again. Find that desire; find that point that is between the pleasure and the pain. The pleasure of looking at your self  in the mirror or in a photograph, and saying…damn I look good! Or the pain of it and saying…OMG, look at the size of my arse!

The pleasure of fitting back into those size 12 jeans, or the pain of not getting anywhere near the size 16.The pleasure of complements, of running that 5 km, of walking 10 flights of stairs, of seeing and feeling your toned muscles when you work out. The pleasure in seeing your loved ones so proud of you. The pain and horror of not fitting in an airplane seat, busting the buttons on a shirt or skirt, and being out of breathe catching the bus, or chasing after little ones! The pain in just feeling fat!

It really is about a whole lot of things. A whole list of tiny steps that will lead you one way, or another. Do you want to go back to where you first started! Or back to where you felt a million dollars, and be even better! This first thing I suggest to do. Make a check list, and STICK TO IT!

Follow these steps and you will be back on track in no time at all. I will guarantee that you will actually remember how good you felt after that early morning workout, and you will look forward to the gym, instead of hating it.

1.  Decide today that it starts……..NOT ON MONDAY!!!!! Decide today, and start from today.

2.  Find a photo of you at your worst point, your heaviest, and then find a photo of you at your best! When you felt amazing. Put them up visible, somewhere where you see them every day, all day! Take a photo of them together and have it as a screensaver or on your phone.

3.  Take ownership of your goal. It’s not your trainers, it’s not your partners, it’s YOUR goal. It’s your responsibility.

4.  Start writing down in a journal exactly what you eat and drink: how much of it, and the time of the day. This is crucial. How often are we surprised by what we eat when we write it down.

5.  Plan to do some form of exercise every day! Crank up that metabolism by being active. Include weight training, adequate cardio (which is not a light walk for 10 minutes) and some stretching or mobility work. (yoga, Pilates )

6.  Set a goal date. You need to have a tangible date to work towards; otherwise, it will always wait until tomorrow!

7.  Take regular photos (selfies are great) and regular measurements.  The scales do not always show the changes in body composition.

8.  Have fun! Enjoy exercise … things you love to do. Get out doors, find a hobby or sport. You will find yourself exercising and won’t even know it!

Pain today

Go to it guys….I know you can do this and be that happy fit amazing person you are destined to be.


CM x





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