Hot flash!


Women as young as 39 are experiencing symptoms of perimenopause which may include the good old “hot flash”. Fluctuations with hormones, such as estrogen progesterone insulin and cortisol can create a melting pot of problems and issues within our bodies and minds.

Risk factors may be lack of exercise, being over-weight, smoking, consuming alcohol (yes that medicinal wine) and being under stress. So if you tick any one of those boxes (90% of women) then you may be heading for early menopause.

But fear not! Healthy lifestyle changes such as improving your diet (knowing what you can and can’t eat) introducing weight and HITT training, limiting alcohol and learning how to manage stress are vitally important to not only combating the symptoms of perimenopause but to having a rocking hot body and not succumbing to the piles of weight that go in your body at this time.
Supplements such as black cohosh, evening primrose, vitamin E, vitamin B, and chromium will help with the effects of perimenopause, and hot flash’s, as well as mood swings and cravings!

I have learnt how to control this process personally myself and with my clients with the correct kind of nutrition and exercise for a woman moving into this time of life.
It looks quite different to what I personally followed 10, even 5 years ago.
If you are feed up with feeling low, overweight, frustrated at where your body is at or suffering any of the symptoms of menopause then follow this link below, and stop the bus. Get on the right track and start feeling like the beautiful woman You totally are!

A new you is only 1 step away, what are you waiting for…

Love and health…


CM x

Karen had gained weight over the last year, regardless of what she did, or didn’t do, and eat or didn’t eat. Small, simple but massively effective changes in her exercise and nutrition through one of my structured Strong Fit You programs, enabled her to lose that weight, and feel 100 times better about herself.


I am so passionate about helping women reach their fitness and health goals, and helping women be as strong, sexy and feel good about themselves, so if you have ANY queries about my programs, places drop me a line at [email protected].


CM x

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