Being a healthy woman

Healthy woman

I believe that the true key to weight loss in woman is…how we feel. It’s not the scales. It’s not the number of centimeters on the measuring tape


So just how do we find the secret for more energy, to become more healthy, and still be able to lose some unwanted weight?  


I just love this quote I stumbled on the other day….




“Being a healthy woman isn’t about getting on the scales or measuring your waistline. We need to start focusing on what matters-on how we feel, and how we feel about ourselves.”


-Michelle Obama.

And to me, that says it all.



We seem to be ever chasing the carrot (or maybe it’s the carrot cake ), chasing the goal of losing however many kilos that we have gained in the last few years and longing to feel like we belong in today’s society of “strong being the new sexy!”

I don’t know about you but when I hit my forties so many things changed and everything got harder. Like the muffin top, cellulite, decreased energy levels, and juggling injuries all appeared with no hesitation. But I was able to adjust and tweak the way I trained, how often I trained and the food and supplements I was taking and —- hey presto ! I was looking leaner, fitter and feeling a million bucks in no time at all. Forty is not an excuse, it’s not time to sit on the couch and eat ice cream, forty is more than a number .. It is freeking fantastic .. As modern successful woman, we need to make the most if it, and be proud that we carry the 40 number!



I come across many woman who find it hard to look in the mirror. Is that you?

Do you hate looking at themselves in the mirror? Does it bring up feelings of unworthiness?

Can you see all the lines?

And all the fat?

And the muffin top? The hail damage?

Does it annoy you and make you feel totally inadequate when you see these gorgeous fitness models with their perfect bodies and 12 pack abs?


I can totally relate to the emotions that this brings up.


There’s a difference between self love and vanity. Self love is so necessary ….how we feel about ourselves says it all…Self acceptance, self love and self worth are severely lacking amongst us woman in our 40’s and 50’s, as our bodies are changing and no matter how hard we try, the rolls come, the cellulite appears from no where and those lines….oh those lines!! And I am not exempt from this well. I am human.


It’s the same with the scales. I find many woman and men, are obsessed with the number on the scales.

Is that you?

If it’s not moving in the right direction. If the numbers are going up, not down.

I know that your first response is…” I’ll just have to eat less and do more cardio”…Girls…..that is the WORST thing you can do.

And your second response is…”well why bother…nothing’s working. I’ll just have another glass of wine and another block of chocolate”!


The scales have their place, but they are just a guide! The real indicator of how you are doing is the FEELING! The feeling of how your clothes are fitting, how your body feels, and how do YOU feel about yourself.



girls on scales 







I’ve been playing this game a long time. I am far from perfect, I still have my moments where I am frustrated with how my body operates, how it stores fat, how it is forever changing and adapting and how slow my metabolism can be. I struggle with Adrenal insufficiency, 1 step away from adrenal fatigue. And I have learnt the best way to exercise, to eat, and to relax and still be able to maintain a good, healthy, fit body and mind. And I plan to stay doing what I’m doing with healthy eating, the right exercise for me and a new passion for yoga way into the future.


Forty is definitely the new 20, which means 50 must be the new 30… And now that I am in my 50’s…that must make me 30 something! That’s my motto and I am sticking to it. But really, who really cares. As far as I’m concerned, you’re only as old as you feel and act.


If I have to give you one word from “feeling great” …it would have to be VITALITY!


Vitality means…


“The state of being strong and active; energy.”


What does it mean to you……I don’t know about you but I want to be full of vitality!! Full of life! And that doesn’t come by ignoring the necessity to look after yourself through exercise and proper healthy nutrition. It doesn’t come by downing copious amounts of wine and staying up late watching mindless tv shows well into the night, or eating a whole block of chocolate because you are stressed!


#vitality image 


So allow me to invite you my guide to taking you into your 40’s, and beyond with the mindset that “it is NOT over”, you are NOT “too old”, You can have the body you desire, and you can feel like a woman again, feel healthy, energetic and full of zest for life, just as you did in your younger years. In fact, you can be better!!

I have an amazing exciting 6 week online coaching program called “vitality” which is perfect for woman wanting to increase their energy and vitality for life, lose weight, understand where they are at with their hormones, and what they need to in order to balance their busy lives, hormones, and still enjoy life. It’s an accumulation of everything I have learned over the last 20 odd years, and in particular the last few years hitting the hormonal years.


Ask yourself this…Do you want to work towards adjusting this imbalance in your life?

Do you want to re-set your hormones and become healthy, create energy again?

Do you really want to learn what you need to do to lose that unwanted weight, and be well on your way to having a fulfilled life?

I am working with a few select woman who are committed and ready to move in a positive direction towards being healthy, fit, toned, energetic, confident, sexy sassy women. Is that you?

Connect with me for a 15 minute free consultation where we can discuss if this is for you further.


Talk soon





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