Metabolism tip #3 💚

I used to over train

I’d do FAR too much

I often ask myself WHY I did that

And the only answer I come up with is that I was so scared of getting fat.

But I did anyway

Even with all that exercise

I love my training, but I used to workout 6-7 days a week, sometimes twice a day, 

I would have to do cardio everyday and would feel guilty when I didn’t do anything!

That only lead to burn out, weight gain, hormonal imbalance and exhaustion…

But then I got wise.

I uncovered secrets about my metabolism
I uncovered secrets about overtraining and under eating
I uncovered secrets around my negative mindset
I uncovered the secrets to gaining balance
I uncovered the secret to the power of weight training
And I uncovered secrets to fuelling my body properly without gaining weight

Yesterday I trained.. hard. 

It was fun! 

It was empowering and it was so good to know I am making myself even better, day by day.

Never be scared of training. 

I can throw some big weights around but I am not huge, or bulky. 

Tone and definition comes from building muscle, increasing your metabolism and eating the right food, at the right time in the right portions.

We all have goals, injuries, wants desires and some road blocks, but never let that road block slow you down.

There is always a way..



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