Strong women don’t play victim

Don’t make themselves look pitiful and they don’t point fingers

They stand and they deal.









I’ve had a couple of conversations with 2 beautiful women lately who I really resonate with.

I think the biggest thing I can take from those conversations is that as women, we settle for being ‘the woman, in her place ‘ whether that be as a mother, home maker, wife… Whatever the role that society tells us we need to be.


But we are so much than that.


What is our purpose…?

If we can’t be the best version of ourselves then we can’t be the mum, grandmother, coach, student, employee, wife.. And the list goes on.


To be strong requires a mindset that sees past the situation, gets on with the task and stands up in the face of adversity..

#Girl power

Never be afraid to ask for help..


Midlife doesn’t have to be a crisis…

And you don’t have to be a number anymore.

Defy that number by the lifestyle you lead, the mindset you develop, the nourishment you give your body and the exercise you do.

You can look 20 years younger, feel 30 years younger, be ageless. 

You’re relevant

You’re blooming

You’re perennial

You’re a strong empowered sensational woman.









Don’t waste another day wishing you had done things differently…

Let’s chat

Click on the link below and be that woman…



CM x

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