Hi guys…. I have created a new Facebook group called Strong Hot Rocking bodies at 40+….. as I want to encourage and empower every woman over 40 to feel good about themselves.


To me it’s more important for a women, especially as we get older, to feel good, be healthy, and really love who we are as amazing women.

I want to help empower ALL women to feel strong, confident and totally free of any intimidation when you step on the gym floor, or into your garage with your own home gym.

It’s about being strong, in body and in mind…. and THAT creates a rocking hot body as far as I am concerned.




If you are super keen to find out more about your body, weight and mindset at 40+, then come and join the group. Click on this link and I can add you to it: http://bit.ly/2xaMGz0

I will be bringing you hot tips, advise, stories and ideas to help you ALL have that STRONG, HEALTHY ROCKING body (and mind)as we recreate a new 40’s and 50’s for our children to aspire to.

I will also be running a series of workshops in the next few months, with subjects ranging from exercise, weight training, strength training, nutrition, styling and presentation, hormones and adventures.






The first one will be in a couple of weeks and will be for anyone wanting more knowledge with regards to strength training, weights, and wanting to feel comfortable on the gym floor.









I’d love if you can share this post for me so I can get my message and story out to more beautiful women desiring a STRONG ROCKING BODY!…

Have a great day!


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