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It is my absolute passion in life to help create “Strong women”! I love nothing more than taking woman from the group fitness room, the usual comfort zone for many … and leading them onto the gym floor and teaching them how to empower themselves through weight training, confidence and owning their space there.

I hear all the time from these woman that they feel intimidated and scared of being on the gym floor, or even scared to walk into a gym, and feel they have no idea what they are doing, or even worse still, they feel they have no right to be there!

Well it is time to change that story. Come on girls…it’s time to become strong.
Time to use what we can and do what we need to so that we can build strength, that inner strength of a woman that creates the strong powerful woman you are already!
And it needs to start right here right now, with both your body and mind.
Think about what you are doing for you!
What exercise are you doing?
Or are you still sitting on the couch thinking about it?
Where is your thinking? Do you believe you can be that strong woman or are you filled with doubt?
And then there is food…what are you fuelling your body with? If you are eating crap, that is what you are going to get.

So, there are 2 things that need to be done before else. Forget the fancy programs, the complicated nutrition plans and for god’s sake stop all the cardio! Start by focusing on your body and your mind.










Walking along the beach, doing zumba once a week, and attending 1 yoga class every now will train your parasympathetic nervous system (so important to control hormonal responses) and they can be tons of fun and very relaxing, BUT they WON’T MAKE YOU STRONG!

The only way to build strength in your body is to do resistance training of some sort, either with body weight or with good old pumping iron! Don’t be scared of weight training. Lifting weights will NOT make you huge…trust me! If you can see me in the flesh you will realise that I am not an amazon woman, I am not huge. And I can throw some heavy weights around the room for a 5ft nothing pocket rocket. You will not become bulky, cupcakes will make you bulky, not weight training.

Weight training will build muscle, which will give you a toned strong body and help increase your metabolism to sustain any fat loss, and keep that strong toned body without having to smash yourself constantly. By keeping good healthy nutrition, that will allow you to keep energy levels up, decrease body fat and increase muscle with the right ratio of protein, fats and carbohydrates. You just need to know what, when, and why.

Just as we plan out an exercise plan for the body, and watch the changes occur, we need to be training the mind also. Our minds are SO powerful!

We can create anything we want to create. If you want to achieve that strong sexy toned body, well YOU CAN! You just need to believe it, remove the obstacles that “appear” to be in your way and keep moving towards that goal.
Make the decision.
Visualize the end result.
You are already good enough, you’ve got this. You can do it.
Do and say this over and over again. It truly makes the biggest difference. Because when those hurdles come up at you, and they will, you need to learn how to divert the roadblocks, and reset the action plan. It’s going to happen. Trust me.

be brave







As Muhammad Ali once said…

”It’s the REPITITION of affirmations that leads to belief. Once that belief becomes a deep conviction things begin to happen”.

Most importantly though… I know how to have fun! And fun is SO crucial for life in general, let alone at exercise time.
Fun is one of my highest values which I bring into every aspect of my life., and definitely into the fitness arena! Life needs to be fun, needs to have direction, and needs to have purpose.

I am SO excited to bring to you my new Online Membership so no matter where you are in the world I can be there to help you! This is my absolute passion. Helping women become the best they can be by empowering them to become strong in body…and in mind!!

I realise the importance strength has to a woman. The stronger she is, the more healthy her body is, the better she feels about herself, which means as woman, we empower ourselves…and a healthy, fit, strong woman makes for an awesome mother, wife, partner, work colleague, and rock in general in today’s every day world!”
Become part of an exclusive tribe of women all desiring to be fit, healthy and strong.

Be part of the Real Women’s revolution…and go from zero to hero in a very short space of time!


This membership, paid monthly OR every 3 months will be a tribe of amazing women, all heading in the same direction! It will be interactive, and will allow anyone to have access to all the best information, workshops, video’s and workouts that you will need to become that super, sassy, strong woman that rocks!

What you will receive…

• Workouts or WOD’s each week. Not just 1 workout for the week, but up to 5!!! 5 different workouts every week!!!

These workouts are targeted for the whole body and designed for woman who don’t have hours to spend at the gym, who want to be strong, feel empowered and fit, who have exercised in the past and want that challenge to go to the next stage knowing what they are doing daily/weekly.
The WOD’s are usually short, sharp and intense, created to build muscle and strength, shape the body, and burn fat!

• There will of course be ongoing recipes galore to complement the training.

As well as the following:

• Online Workshops – Fitness, Food & Fashion

• Nutritional advice

• Interviews with professionals from all sorts of area’s including hormones, Doctors, Physio’s, food experts & style advice.

• Videos and information on HOW to get strong, sassy sexy and empowered.


Become part of an exclusive tribe of woman all desiring to be fit, healthy and strong. You will also be invited to a closed Facebook group where you can share and discuss similar obstacles with support from myself and other members.

Below is a testimonial from a client from Australia… Suzie Goodman…who absolutely loves these workouts….

After training in the gym on and off for years and always going back to the weights routine I learnt in my 20’s which was nearly 20 years ago, I was getting disheartened. Maybe what people said happens when you get to over 30 was right? I then tried a HIIT circuit gym for six months, then went back to group fitness and weights and still wasn’t getting the results I wanted. I was really disheartened by then … I then got in touch with Chrissie who I knew as being the best instructor on the Gold Coast with the best set of abs and who was always the most fun. Chrissie has been training me on line for the past month and from the first workout I knew I had found what I was looking for. Chrissie structures her workouts in a way that I never would, which is awesome, there is heaps of variety with a cross fit approach that I can do in my own gym at a time that suits me. In the past four weeks without really changing my diet I’ve got more definition in my arms and tummy (always problem areas) and my butt has got perkier. Even husband took at photo of it at the beach the other day! I am feeling fitter than ever and at last I am enjoying my training again – it is my outlet!!

So, if you think this is exactly what you are striving for…then sign up today..
It’s a no brainer really.

Follow the link below to sign up…



Time to get strong, be amazing, live life!



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