How many weeks until Christmas???

Hi there guys, Chrissie here!!!!!

It’s freeking November! So, if you’re been putting off getting that summer body ready for watersummer….then DON’T! Don’t put it off that is….. You are running out of time, but there is still time.

Don’t panic……It’s not too late to do something about it….but you will have to do it now! You can still create an action plan, and then do something about the spare tyre around the middle, the saddlebags on the hips, and the ‘hello Helen’ arms that keep waving long after everyone has gone.

Start by booking into your diary some time to exercise. A minimum of 4 times a week. Just 30 mins is all you need if that’s all you have.

Now you can do something from your gym, from home, join a boot camp or even do something in the park, but plan what you are going to do….and DO IT! Book in the time for yourself, and don’t let anyone take that time!

Remember to eat 5-6 small meals a day, and include, good carbs, lean protein, and good fats in most meals. Get organized the day before…I often make breakfast, snack and lunch the night before while I am cooking dinner. It’s easy, you’re already in the kitchen, and then it’s done! No breaking the rules, no excuses.

lose weightDrink plenty of water….around 2-3 liters / day…avoid alcohol if you can (ok, then just limit it) and avoid soft drinks and calorie laden coffee’s. Caffeine itself is fine in small dozes…just don’t over do it.

And, it pays to be on the right supplementation also. If you are deficient in some minerals and vitamins, the metabolism process is compromised.

My 28 day “kick in the Pants” program will do exactly that. Give you a minimum of 4 workouts a week, and provide a food plan that is designed as a guide to establish a consistent healthy eating pattern to set you up for the next gear.

28 days will help you also establish good training habits, that once you have learned, consciously and sub-consciously, will help create a healthy lifestyle that will keep you fit, funky and totally fabulous.

Avoid processed food and anything that comes out of a jar or packet preferably.
Learn what your body type is and learn what works for your body. How many calories you need to survive on a daily basis, and what you need to consume to lose weight and look amazing!
Learn also what sort of training you need to do to assist your weight loss, and look a million dollars.

I’ll let you into a secret….walking is NOT enough. It helps, but it is simply not enough.

So…happy days!!! Go kick some arse….preferably your own…or if you need some arse kicking….allow me. I can certainly help you along your way with some online coaching and training.



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