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These are my top tips for surviving the Christmas Chaos and  avoid putting on those few extra kilo’s that most of us expect at this time of the year. Expect something different this year by being smart!!


Ok, so it’s that time of the year again…Christmas. Whether you like it, love it, or despise it……..Christmas comes regardless.


And we have the lead up to Christmas with all the crazy chaos it brings, the stress of shopping for the “perfect’ present, the food, the drink, the ‘I just can’t be bothered exercising cause I’m too tired” syndrome…….you name it. It’s here!!!!


Well, I am going to whisper a few words of wisdom to you……”SO WHAT”

It’s only 1 day, and to be honest, there is absolutely no need to get caught up in the whirlwind, and there are so many ways you can avoid the extra 5 kg’s that go on the hips and thighs and the exhaustion and frustration that just one day can bring.


This is my theory…..


  1. Christmas parties…..To go or not to go???? That is the question. ….GO! Don’t avoid them because you are scared that you will inhale all the desserts at the buffet. Just be sensible. Eat before you go….drink water in between each alcoholic drink, avoid the lemonade trap, and just enjoy the ‘taste’ of a couple of the desserts available. Don’t go back for seconds or end up with a mountain of food on your plate! Once you have done this once…it’s easy! And you feel so in control! As for the alcohol….well, it’s probably going to happen right? But unless you want vodka or wine flu every day for the next 2 months….just limit what you drink. Don’t drink the whole bottle, and mindful of the calories that come with the alcohol, and the food that goes with it. Boom!laugh
  2. Christmas day …To be honest, I really love Christmas day……having said that, it’s just another day! Now, there is nothing wrong with enjoying all the delicacies that the day brings…as long as you don’t binge and eat everything in sight. A “cheat meal”, MEAL being the operative word here is just that….go for gold in 1 meal, it is a cheat meal NOT a chest DAY!! In my opinion, it is important on any weight loss/or weight management journey because it allows us to enjoy food as food porn for once, and not just as fuel. So…..tuck in, and then truck on out!
  3. If you really are worried about the food options on Christmas day, then incorporate some “healthy options”. There will be some sugar free and healthy alternatives to the traditional Christmas feast free to download on the Fit Funky and Forty membership site! ( About to be launched!) Desserts like Healthy irresistible banoffee pie, raw lime tart and beautiful berry crumble….Yum!!
  4. Don’t fall into the “it’s holiday season so I’m taking a holiday from exercise” trap…..because it’s just that….a trap! There is absolutely no reason why your body needs to go on holiday. Sure a rest day or 3 is ok….but not 3 weeks! This is the time when those calories hide in the closet and make your clothes tighter…….so avoid the trap so you can avoid the clothes “shrinking”
  5. And lastly, STRESS LESS! I know what it’s like to be a mother at this time of the year. The Christmas parties, the stress of fitting into a hot short dress, the constant picking up, dropping off, racing to the next school breakup party/prize giving, the wine, the food, the shopping, the trying to hide the shopping from the kids, the “what do I buy my husband this year” syndrome. I’ve been there…I KNOW HOW YOU FEEL! And all I am going to say to you is…..BREATHE…take a big breath, write a list, be thankful to the universe for your beautiful friends, children and partner, and all the people you meet at these events/shopping malls…and then for that magical day, Christmas day. Go for a walk when it all gets too much rather than pour another glass of wine or eat another block of chocolate. Meditate and get out of your head ( I’m being told that all the time) If you have that constant chatter in your head which just raises the anxiety, then stop, find a quiet few moments, even if it’s in the toilet so the kids can’t annoy you, and feel calmness overcome you. It’s ok….you will get through it.


So, there you have a few tips to help you through the Chaos………and if you really want to stay on top of it, why not throw a challenge to yourself while you are there. Focus on something good for you, something meaningful, something that will help you get to your goal in the middle of all the cheesecake and champagne cocktails rather than send you further away into frumpiness.


A 28 day “kick in the pants’ program is just that. Designed to get you moving GYM ( get yourself moving). Perfect for this time of the year when you don’t even want to THINK! It’s all laid out for you. Regardless of whether you are at home, at the gym, or even on holiday…..nothing is impossible and everything is only a decision away!



Watch out for the launch of my Fit Funky and Forty membership….which will be launched any day now, and become a part of this exciting community, where we come together and learn about so many topics, including hormones, for all those recipes, Christmas day food ideas, holiday workout of the week, and plenty more to keep you occupied over the next few weeks.


So, enjoy the lead up to Christmas….Yay!!!! Happy days


Chrissie McDonald


CM x

Copyright © Sheryn Ellis

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