Weight Loss – How To Really Lose It and Keep It Off

The amount of money spent on weight loss each year is staggering. Individuals spend huge amounts of money trying to figure out how to lose weight with the latest fad diets, weight loss pills, weight loss supplements and exercise machines. A lot of money is still being sunk into understanding the science of how to lose weight too, with governments and organizations searching fo answers to what they are calling ‘the obesity crisis’.

There is obviously still a lot to learn and understand about this intriguing and important million dollar subject. Losing weight is not as simple as some people would like to think, or at least hope, but it’s amazing just how far you can get, how much weight you can lose, by following some simple, straightforward advice.

Here are 10 essential tips to help you lose weight

    1.  Always, always eat breakfast! No excuses; it really is the most important meal of the day. You need to have good carbohydrates, some protein and some good fats in this meal for sure.
    2. Make sure you eat small meals throughout the day; meals consisting of real, nutritious food, not protein bars and shakes. Protein bars and shakes have their place, but it’s essential that you also consume a lot of real foods, consisting of good carbohydrates, good protein sources and good fats.
    3. Protein, protein, protein! When you are trying to lose weight, having enough protein in your diet is essential. Depending on your weight, your muscle mass, and your goal, you will have a magic number in grams of protein that you need to consume on a daily basis. It cannot be processed all at once, so sitting down to a 800g steak will not be sufficient – you must spread your protein intake out throughout the day.
    4. Eat good fats. I know what you’re thinking; ‘good’ and ‘fat’ are words that don’t seem to go together, but they do, and weight loss is not only harder, but is less sustainable when you do not have enough good fats in your diet. Essential fatty acids is what we need. ‘Essential’, means they are essential! They are needed for converting fat into energy, are great for joints, and are essential to the functioning of the brain and other parts of the body. Essential fatty acids can also help lower cholesterol.
    5. Exercise! It’s time to get off the couch, fight the apathy demon and do some exercise. You won’t lose weight just sitting around the house. Start off light, and when you feel more confident, go at it hard. Get a personal trainer, it’s one of the best investments you could ever make. If that’s not possible, follow an online exercise strategy, one that is tailored for you.
    6. Lift weights. Whether it’s at the gym or at home, weight lifting is a great form of exercise. You can use weight machines, free weights or body weight. You must build muscle in order to lose weight.
    7. Do cardiovascular exercise! It’s all very well building muscle, but you also need to do regular, high intensity cardiovascular exercise to keep your heart rate up. Try running, swimming, playing sport (not golf), group exercise classes like pump, combat, machines, circuit training and boxing.
    8. Get a good night’s sleep. That’s right, getting plenty of sleep and plenty of rest is also an important part of an effective weight loss program. Sleep helps your body recuperate after all the exercise you’ll be doing, and gives your muscles time to build and repair. It also helps your stress levels and your blood pressure return to normal.
    9. Get organised. A good weight loss program is about forward planning. Plan your meals in advance to avoid indulging in unhealthy convenience foods. Make an exercise schedule and stick to it.
    10. Get your kitchen ready for your new, healthy lifestyle. Clear out all the junk food from your fridge and pantry, and replace it with healthy, wholesome foods. This helps limit the temptation of slipping back into your old habits.

So, there are my 10 quick and simple tips to help you lose weight. These pointers will help you get started, but how successful your weight loss plan is will depend on your organization, commitment, patience and perseverance.

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