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Body type? Soma body types? What are the different body types, and what does it have to do with weight loss?


Have you ever asked yourself the question, or been totally frustrated with your lack of progress, even though you are slaving at the gym, and cutting out all the yummy stuff like ice cream and bread?
Well, finding out your body type, or the blend of your body type, has a lot to do with, not only losing weight, but with what exercise program you should be following, which nutritional plan should you be on, and what supplements if any should you be on, and many more factors.

Well, I am going to give you a really quick overview here on 3 main body types, and how it relates to you, and to losing weight, or getting that body shape you desire so badly. Have you ever wondered why the diet plan that worked wonders for your best friend, but made absolutely no difference to you?

Firstly…..there are 3 main body types: Ectomorph, mesomorph, and an endomorph.

  1. An ectomorph is generally thin, lean, long limbs, and often tall. They are the person that can eat everything and anything under the sun, and never put on weight, and needs higher amounts of Carbohydrates, and protein. They usually lack muscle tone, and find it hard to gain muscle and strength.
  2. A Mesomorph is generally more stocky, has good muscle tone, is a good all round sportsperson, has body fat evenly distributed around the body, can put on muscle easily, require a good a mount of protein and average carbohydrates in their diets. They are generally active and love to exercise.
  3. An Endomorph is the other end of the spectrum to the Ectomorph, in that they are usually more disposed to putting on body fat, especially around the mid section, and have shorter arms and legs. They may be intolerant to insulin and sugar, thus causing the gathering of fat around the waist and mid section. They also generally have a slower metabolism, are slower to get moving, are not as fond of exercise, and nutritionally need a diet that is high in protein and low in carbohydrates. They will need to work harder to lose weight, but it is not impossible, and they just need to follow the correct plan for them, and not follow the masses.

I will go further into the science and theories behind these Soma body types inside my members section, with an area dedicated to nutrition and exercise plans for each body type, so that you get the most out of your training and nutrition, and can effectively work towards your goal. But for now, try and determine your body type and look at these factors.

An ectomorph should be eating a diet high in protein but also higher in carbohydrates than the other 2 types. Their training should be mostly revolved around weight training, doing training that involves lower reps, and heavier weights, to build muscle and strength. They need to be eating often and the timing of their meals, and the ratio of macronutrients is very important.

A mesomorph should be eating a diet high on protein, but the carbohydrate intake is lower than the ectomorph. They need to train with weights also, but can mix more cardio into the equation without the fear of losing muscle. Timing of food is also important to the mesomorph, as is the ratio. Some lower intensity cardio is also beneficial to the mesomorph, to lower cortisol levels.

An endomorph needs to be more active. The need for weight training also there, but training needs to be more circuit based, and have cardio training in there also. Training in the morning will be beneficial to keep the heart rate elevated throughout the day. The dietary needs are very different to the ectomorph. Their diets need to be higher in good fats, protein, but the carbohydrate intake needs to be a lot less than the other 2, due to the way their bodies metabolize glucose.

Check out the members section for a more detailed nutrition and training program for each body type, which will be coming soon.

Happy days!!

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