What’s the best exercise for fat loss?



I get asked this question all the time….

“What’s the best exercise for me to lose body fat? .. Weight training, cardio or doing some of that HIIT (high intensity interval training )” …


Do you know what my answer is…..


ALL OF THE ABOVE……..but don’t forget the clean eating!


It’s important to have a mixture of weight training (to build muscle, increase metabolism and tone body), steady state cardio sessions like a group fitness class, a run or brisk walk, and shorter high energy HIIT sessions like a crossfit style workout, a Grit class or a sprint session, like on a bike or running that not only raises the heart rate rapidly, but tones muscles and shreds fat in a shorter time.


These type of training sessions will keep your body finely tuned, provide plenty of variation in your training, and keep you motivated to move closer to your goal, increase your fitness, build muscle and shred that body fat.


For myself, I like to do exactly the above. I love nothing better than to throw some weights around the gym and do a great weight training session, to go for a jog or brisk walk out in the fresh air and enjoy the beautiful landscape where I live, and to smash out a crossfit style high intensity workout with friends, (it’s more motivating when you train with friends, especially the HIIT style training), or boxing!



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I’ll give you an example….


This is my regime for the next 6-8 weeks..


3 weight session / week.

I will train legs and shoulders..

Back and arms

Chest and legs again.


Then I will mix in 2 crossfit style WOD’s (workouts), or boxing sessions, short sharp and intense.


And I will do 2-3 steady cardio sessions, which may include a run (30-45mins) and group fitness classes

(pump, attack, combat)


Monday, Wednesday and Friday are weight sessions in the morning with cardio in the afternoon, and Tuesday and Thursday are the HIIT workouts, either done in the morning or afternoon, depending on my schedule.



There are some WOW workouts on the website that will provide plenty of variations and ideas for your HIIT training.If you need any more ideas or guidance, please send me a message and I will help in any way I can. I love changing lives regardless of where you are and what ever your fitness level is.


So, plan out your month, your week, your day so that you prioritize time to complete your daily training and make sure you are eating clean and healthy with plenty of good protein, because you cannot out train a bad diet, ever!


Chow for now….




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