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It’s 5.23 pm, Thursday evening; you’ve had a big day at work, the kids are either procrastinating at doing their homework or asking for food; You look in the mirror and see that your mascara is now sitting just under your eyes now, your hair resembles that of an Orangatan (or Hilda Ogden) either way, not so flash and you haven’t made it to the gym for 2 days. And it’s dry July.


That bottle of Pinot is starring at you, making eyes at you, luring you, seducing you…and you falter. You pour a glass, one of those big glasses that are more like a bucket and…Boom. No more dry July. You failed…again. Sigh….

I bet that if you feel that this is you, you are beating yourself up yet again.

“Why can’t I just stick to not having any wine Why do I f**k up this diet ALL the time?”

Yeah, been there. I know how’re feeling. Fact of the matter is, as I have learned is that we, as woman, over 40 (sometimes younger too) just seem to need the comfort, the taste, the familiarity, the assurance that the glass of wine gives you. It makes you feel that everything is ok, and you can get on with everything else now that the edge has been taken off the day.


Hearing it??


I’ve been doing a lot of study on a particular subject that is very raw, close and dear to me lately. That subject is…

“Woman, wine and hormones”, which is why I have created a program that is called exactly that.

#Woman Wine and Hormones…

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From about age 35 onwards, our bodies start to lose lean tissue. Organs (including your liver and kidneys) lose cells and muscles begin to shrink (or ‘atrophy’). Because muscle is metabolically active (meaning that it burns calories, even at rest), reduced muscle mass often results in a reduced metabolic rate. Which is not great as we need that muscle to keep our bodies as “fat burning machines” and the only way to do that is to raise our metabolic rate.


Unfortunately, our body fat increases steadily after age 30 and may increase by as much as 30% by the time menopause is attained. The distribution of body fat can end up on our hips, thighs and tummies. Also not great.

During the menopause transition, the ovaries gradually stop making the hormone estrogen. When estrogen declines, cortisol and insulin production increase. Both contribute to fat gain, in particular, fat around the midsection. Hmmmm….

Peri-menopausal (around 40 and over) and menopausal women frequently report changes in their sleep patterns. Difficulty falling asleep, middle of the night waking and insomnia all contribute to lower energy levels and feelings of fatigue. Chronic sleep deprivation is also linked to elevated cortisol levels (and we know what that leads to; the muffin top!

On average, women tend to continue gaining weight until about age 65, at which time weight loss occurs due primarily to muscular atrophy (as opposed to fat loss).


If this is the ‘normal path of aging’, is it any wonder that it becomes more challenging to maintain the physique of our early adulthood into our 40’s and beyond? It all sounds depressing really. Of course, many women give up. They read statistics like the ones I’ve shared above and decide that accepting the aging process is easier than fighting it.

Well I’m going to step out and say…

FIGHT IT!!!!! Do NOT settle for the norm!

While I do believe that we need to be more compassionate with ourselves as we age (i.e., stop comparing your current body to the one you had in your 20’s…), I’m not quite ready to throw in the towel. If you’ve read this far, I’m guessing that you’re not either!

So I see the role that wine has in our lifestyle, and I feel the need to incorporate it into our lives, probably not daily, but definitely a glass a few times during the week. Bearing in mind that alcohol will affect your metabolism, especially the older you get, and the closer to good old “Auntypause” you get; it can stop the metabolism of your food by up to 30%. Even if it’s good food!!

My suggestion is, if you are having that glass of deliciousness, then go for a light red, and be really mindful of what you are eating with it. Try eating pure protein, or raw vegetables sticks instead of those divine cheeses and cracker, which contain too many carbs and fats for the body to cope with while consuming alcohol.














So, in a nut shell, there are a few things to think about….

  1. We need to be working out and exercising that sexy body …but in a smart way, not a ridiculously hard way. Weight training is ESSENTIAL to keep lean muscle, which will keep your metabolism roaring and the fat burning machine turned on. Long drawn out cardio workouts are a thing of the past, and short sharp bursts are definitely the way you need to be training.
  2. Nutrition becomes SO important. The more our hormones change, and become this melting pot insdie our bodies that cause all sorts of havoc, the more aware we need to become of what we are consuming, and what works for us individually. While carbs are very important, the timing of them, the amount and the type of carbs becomes even more important as our sensitivity to them has increased. Fats and proteins are even more important than they were when we were 20. Our bodies need the protein to keep building and refuelling our muscles, and the fat for metabolism, hormonal responses and for general cellular function.
  3. Sleep…a real problem during “auntypause” years, and while going through stressful times, but the less sleep we have, the more detrimental that is to our on going health, weight loss/gain and general well being. Try different methods, and even some homeopathic remedy’s to get you through the night and to help you sleep longer and more restfully.
  4. Relaxing…take some time to chill the f**k out! Our busy stressful lives need some training in the parasympathetic nervous system…meaning, we need to learn how to relax! The best way to do this is through practises like yoga and Pilates, walking along the beach or taking a dance class. This is just as important as those workouts in the gym.
  5. The right type of cardio! HIIT workouts are great, or try some group fitness classes, such as the “Grit series”, Body pump or Body combat that incorporate different levels of intensity to increase the benefits of cardio training. Going for a 10km jog everyday is NOT the best answer now.

All this research has lead me to a program I am SO excited about. It’s for all women over 40, needing to shift a bit extra weight, who feel the havoc created from total hormone f**kup, and just want some real advise on how to deal with that, manage their lives without strangling anyone and ending up in prison, lose weight, feel some vitality in the lives, and as Shania Twain once said…”Feel like a woman”…again!

This program I’ve called…

#Woman Wine & Hormones…

And it’s designed to help woman understand their bodies, and what their bodies were doing once they hit that over 40 mark, and beyond.

To help come to terms with hormones can affect their waistlines, their weight, and the distribution of fat around their hips thighs and tummy and how hormones affect their energy levels.

I also feel how important that “medicinal “glass of wine is to busy woman, and understand the importance of fitting wine into your weekly diet. Once you understand what’s going on with your own body, and understand that everyone is different, then you can get the knowledge you need, and make a plan to control the muffin top, and the overwhelm that comes from everything being outta control!

If you want to know more about this program, and you want to get your life back on track in ALL ways, email me at

[email protected]

Or message me on my FB page, Fitfunkyandforty and let’s have a chat about it. I have another 6 week course starting very soon, and I’d love to chat with you and see if this is the right fit for you!

Talk soon…

Peace out….


Love Chrissie






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