Hello hello again my lovelies….

Well, I’ve had a break from social media and almost everything online over the last couple of weeks. It’s been a hectic year and a hectic finish to a busy and eventful year.

But…I feel so refreshed and ready to kick start this next year into being. right now! How about you?


Firstly, I just need to announce that I have just retired as a personal trainer….something I have done for 20 years.
For 20 years I have been changing people’s lives all over the world, I have made countless measurements, got up early every morning, spent hours talking clients through personal and emotional upheavals, helped clients tackle health and weight issues and helped them lose weight, get fit and feel 100% better about themselves, and I have loved every minute of it…well maybe not the early starts.

Now…I am ready for a new challenge.


It’s interesting what we think ‘defines’ us…..and interesting the doors that open up once we make decisions to step out of that definition and really follow our passion purpose and being.
I have wanted to be of more service to many more women of “our” age but found it so difficult to divide my time between being a personal trainer, group fitness instructor and develop my online clients and be present 100% for everyone.

So I made the major huge decision to step away from something I know, and have been for 20 years so that I can totally devote my purpose to all of you here.

And I am SO excited with what I will be bringing to you, so stay tuned.

So this quote is very relevant to how feel right now….

“You define what’s important to you by what you dedicate your time to.”

So excited for this year, and so excited to be here more for you……roll in the new year.
Happy new year to all my gorgeous girls and look out for exciting things very shortly. 2018 is going to be amazing!

Well there you go.. 2017 is about to bow out and let a new year roll in. And then along come the “goals and new year resolutions”
I’ve heard them all before…So what makes this year any different ….
I heard someone say the other day that they’re not goals as such but decisions.

We “decide” we are going to get fit, lose weight, start moving, eat better and drink less .. they are not necessarily goals.

So what decisions are you going to make for this next incoming year that can positively impact on your life .. your weight … your general well being and how you will feel about yourself when next new year rolls in again.
What you are dedicating your time energy money and focus on is definitely going to define that end result..
For me personally, I have many decisions that I am making that will effect my life going into 2018.
These include personal , body and health, professional and mindset decisions that help take me from point A to B..


What are the decisions you are willing to make? Do you need help with that ?

My purpose and passion is to help you, so please, if you are serious about getting on the RIGHT track and really want to learn how to be the best version of yourself…click on the link below and let’s discuss what are your best options for your future in health fitness and being a kickarse modern ageless woman.


Don’t be afraid to reach out.. we are all in this journey together…
Happy new year everyone..



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