Isn’t it amazing, how another year can just rock on by and yet, you may be exactly the same weight or more than you were this time last year EVEN THOUGH you had a great new years resolution that 2015 ( and before that 2014, 2013……..) was going to be the year to get fit healthy and become just amazing! But what happened? Life got in the way.

The kids had dancing, netball practice and fiddle sticks every day after school.

The boss made you stay late every day for work…

It was too hot, too cold, too windy……too early.

You were too tired, didn’t like sweating, and you didn’t have the right active wear.

Whatever the excuse may have been…………is this going to be your story again this year? Or……..are you up for a change. Finally!


Are you willing to just say enough is enough, I am going to be the healthiest, fittest, sexist person I have EVER been? And I am going to do it right now. Because if you don’t set the intention, if you don’t make the commitment, and if you don’t stay accountable, then honey….it’s just not going to happen.

Honestly……it seems to be most of the time that it’s never a RIGHT time to do anything. There is never a right time to have children; never a right time to get married, never a right time to launch a business or decide on a life change, especially when you are in the middle of chaos.
So….2016 has entered into your realm…..what are you going to do differently this time?


There are SO many small steps you can start with. You can go walking, hiking with the family. You can squat and lunge around the clothesline ( might look strange to the neighbours but so what) and go up and down the stairs while doing the housework.

You can try something fun and completely new like “power hooping”, a dance class, karate, boxing, surfing…… The color run with a bunch of friends…..BEST FUN EVER!!!!!!There are so many ways to get your body moving. Fun ways too……it doesn’t have to be boring and ‘hard’, in fact one of my missions as a group fitness instructor has always been to make sure that all the participants that came to my class left knowing they had had a great workout AND they were smiling!


If you do something you enjoy, you’ll be more likely to go the distance when those excuses start coming up.

Take spin classes for example…I mean…….don’t get me wrong, I think spin is an absolutely great way of burning some calories and get the blood pumping, but I’d rather stick needle in my eyes than do a spin class….it’s just not me!


So my challenge to you now…as we head into January and beyond is to find out what floats your boat…what kind of exercise can you discover this month that you LOVE to do that is good for your body and is helping you to be fit, fantastic and incredibly healthy.






I would love to hear what your favourite ways of exercising are….be adventurous….try something different! Let me know what you discover…..go have some fun!


Chow for now



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