Everyone has a story!


be brave


You know, I truly believe that everyone has a story. Everyone has some sort of shit they have to deal with. Something that weighs them down with such force that not even your favorite song, a longing hug from a friend or even good old retail therapy can fully free you from.


It’s the story that rises up when the going gets tough, it’s the story that may be buried deep in your past, it’s that story that pops straight back into your conscience the second you are challenged!


And it’s this story, once you recognise it, understand it and face it that defines who you are and what your purpose in life is.

But this very story can also ultimately set you free from the trap you feel you are in, which has been your life until now, and help you to create an amazing life from now on, if you choose.


Have you ever found yourself “in the same boat” it’s like déjà vu!

You encountered a situation in life; you ‘dealt’ with it (or you thought you had) and then however many weeks, months or years later, you are in the “same boat” as you were way back then!


And you’re thinking…”OMG, WTF…how did I get here again! I can’t believe I am exactly the same position as I was in before. What did I miss! How dumb am I!”


It may be a bad marriage, relationship

An abusive partner (physical, emotional or physiological abuse)

Financial hardship

Struggling to lose weight

A job or career you loathe

Poor self-image

Health problems

Family problems…

Feelings of being totally out of control, fat, and feel as if life has past you by.


Regardless of what it is, we ALL have them ISSUES…we all have some sort of shit that follows around, and leaves a bad smell until we decide, yes, until WE make a decision to sort that shit out!


I believe that once you recognise your story, you have the power to heal yourself from the issue that follows you around like a bad smell. That repeating pattern, that hindrance that drags you down every time.


If the horse is dead…DISMOUNT!


It’s your story….Rise up, show up, or get ready to repeat it all over again. And how many times do you want to go around that mountain huh!


I heard some beautiful words from the gorgeous and amazing Gabby Bernstein the other day and I just LOVE IT!


“Let yourself be moved by your desire to be free!!! “


Listen to these incredible words….

“Let”….just allow

“Yourself”……you, your inner being

“Be moved”……be empowered, move forward, feel it…

“By the desire to be free”……the deep all consuming need/want to be free from the shit that you have been carrying.

How good does that sound!!


So in this instance, I want to look at the never ending merry-go-round to losing weight, to get over the hurdle of hating exercise and to hate oneself for being so FAT!



weight on


I’m sure that there is some limiting belief that is buried deep in your subconscious that blocks you, tells you exercise is too hard, it hurts, you look stupid, you’ll never look any good, you’ll never be skinny, you look ridiculous in that outfit!


Hello……am I talking to you? I’ve heard that many times, in my head!


You know, those words, those lies that just pop up out of nowhere, just at the time when you think that you are finally going to do this shit, and Whamo………smacked down on the floor you go again.

Boom goes the wine bottle, and damn you to that cupcake that goes straight in the mouth.

We reach for the comfort food, the wine, the couch, and welcome the pity party with arms and mouths open.

But who cares anyway.

Well, I do….

Look, I know how you feel, and I really care……we have ALL been there before.

And I am telling you..…there is a way. There is light at the end of the tunnel.


If we look at those words again…


“Let yourself be moved by your desire to be free!!! “


It’s YOUR story. The situation you are in, the life you have right now, the body, the job………It is what it is. Fact. Can’t change that with the flick of a switch right now BUT……..it can be different.


How you got here is irrelevant.


It’s YOUR desire that counts.

Allow yourself……….just let yourself flow through what it is you need to do.

Don’t fight it, don’t beat yourself up.


Ignore that bitch on your shoulder that is reminding you of the limiting beliefs that are deep within your subconscious and keeping you trapped where you are right now, and is keeping you thinking that you are trapped there forever. You’re NOT TRAPPED!


There really is nothing like the feeling of getting out of your comfort zone, because we all are creatures of habit, and taking the easy road. Sticking to what’s not TOO hard, going through the motions, not challenging ourselves.

I hate running on treadmills. Yep…hate it. I think I’d rather stick needles in my eyes (not really, that would be really uncomfortable) but it is like torture, I’d far rather run outside, if I am going to run. And that’s not that often either.

So the other day when I woke up it was hosing down here in Queenstown. Not warm rain like on the Gold Coast, but cold South Island rain….brrrrr.

My goal was to go for a run. Hmmm……well, I either got wet, or I ran on the treadmill. And I hate running on a treadmill, remember!!

But, I dragged my sorry arse onto that dreaded machine, put the headphones on, and ran.

Sometimes, we just have to suck it up….and do something we really don’t want to do. Push through the pain and discomfort and ignore that voice in your head that’s saying STOP!!!!! It hurts!!!!!

I got there! I stayed on that treadmill until time was up….phew!!! And felt like smacking that bitch on my shoulder to the other side of the gym……………

”Take that! I did it bitch.”



So today…….why not take some time and think about doing something that will challenge you. Do something that feels really uncomfortable, but something that you know will benefit you, not only for your health and fitness, but for your mind as well.

Conquer that, and you know you can conquer anything! You are a superhumanbeing!

Just allow yourself to be moved by that deep desire to be the person, have the body, look the way you want to look, and FEEL FREE! You can lose that 10 kilo’s, have the bikini body, run that half marathon, you just have to believe it.


It’s your story; it’s your choice.

Rise up; show up.

Give yourself a kick in the backside and move forward with passion and purpose.


When you follow my simple 4-week “Kick in the Pants” programme, you’ll find you are effortlessly pulled forward, and you will begin to understand the benefits of eating well, and exercising. You will have structure to your day, to your week, and begin to feel like you are making progress to becoming who you want to be, and getting the body you desire! You are moving forward.




This is a great place to start, a great kick start to losing weight, toning your body and just to feel amazing!!!………..

So let’s just get started!

Push the button, get your shoes on, let’s do this thing!!


See you on the other side..


Chow for now!






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