Ok team…it is FINALLY spring and YES, that is closely followed by SUMMER!

So, I created a 10 week rock into Summer challenge will start next week….11th September! This will give you plenty of time to get fit funky and fabulous in time for the summer months ahead.

I feel you don’t need me to stand there and count reps for you.
To me, personal training or coaching is more about …


  • Giving you information and helping you understand the process
  • Teaching you WHY you need to be doing a certain thing
  • Encouraging you to make the right decisions around food and exercise
  • Giving you new workouts
  • Daily tips and motivation and being there for you when you need to clarify certain topics or questions you may have on your food, your exercise, your results or how you are feeling in general.
  • Coaching you to create your own success, sustainable weight loss and teaching you self love.
  • Coaching you to become responsible for your body, and your health.


That is why I feel I can be of service to more of you than face to face.

You don’t need me to count reps for you…you require guidance, accountability and motivation from me.

And that’s what I want to give in the Rocking into summer challenge.


The cost is simply a monthly membership…which is only $49/month. If you are already signed up for this membership and are paying that already, then there is NO additional charge.

Honestly, that works out to $12.50/week. peanuts!

If you are not registered, then follow this link and jump aboard the train. It’s about to roll out….
Summer is coming!

Click on the link below…..



For this challenge, you will….

  1. Receive a food plan as a guideline
    2. There will be workouts posted in the group page here, and in the Strong Fit Chicks membership platform.
    3. There will be a topic of the week, so if you have any topics you’d like me to discuss and tackle, then let me know.
    4. There will be daily motivation
    5. FB lives
    6. Accountability
    7. Group call via zoom every 2 weeks
    8. Training Diary
    9. Measurements (to be taken by yourself)

Can’t wait to get started!!! Get that rocking Hot body in time for summer here!!




CM x

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