Sometimes it feels that it is never ending ; this stepping out of the comfort zone. Or is it?

When does it start to get easier?

Does it get easier?

You feel your body is always sore, your legs hurt, your arms are heavy, and even sneezing makes your abs hurt.

You crave for a block of comforting chocolate, ice cream or freshly baked muffins. Or even some plain old pasta, or toast!

Is it all just too much, too hard? Will we ever get there?

Yes, we will!!

I have discovered that it just gets a little different, and you really just get used to being outside that feeling of soreness, tiredness, and always being out of your “comfort zone”.

Maybe being out of your comfort zone is a good thing. A good thing? How can pain, sore legs,  crawling up the stairs after a workout,  no more blocks of chocolate and the constant washing of gym clothes be a good thing you ask.

Well, I’ll tell you, and I know this from experience…… real results come when you push through that plateau. That easy point.  That point where it no longer feels pleasant , and you feels like surely there is something you should be doing ( like  washing your hair) , you can hear the phone ring, and you really don’t want to be doing what you are about to do.

I hear you……Seriously, I understand .

Does anyone relate to this?

Well, I’ll tell you a secret. Personal trainers need to get out of their comfort zones too. And further to part 1 and 2, stepping out of my comfort zone…I am doing just that! I want to know how you feel ( crazy huh?)

I walked out of my Crossfit box ( crossfit gym) the other day, or more to the point crawled out (as I do most days) my legs were shaking, I was shaking; I couldn’t speak properly and I felt like I wanted to vomit.

We had a workout that involved 3 parts. The last part was a workout called “Karen. I’m sure some of these crossfit workouts are named after woman, because they are a real bitch. (Not that any Karen’s are!) Karen involves throwing a 6kg medicine ball (9 kg for men) to a point on a wall that is 10ft high. And you throw that ball to that point 150 times……WHAT….yes, 150 times. 150 wall balls.!!!

Now, I had already taught a group fitness class that day, and I had a bootcamp to take also after crossfit. So I was already starting to convince myself that I should just leave early and not do the last workout….Karen. I had all the justifications going on in my mind, trust me!

Wall balls are my pet hate!! I loathe them… know why, because they hurt! And not only is it hard work on the body, more than anything, it is a mental thing.

So, my ego and my higher self had an argument for a few minutes while I decided whether to disappear or just suck it up and do it.

And it dawned on me that this is SO common. This is what it’s all about. We are faced with things we just don’t want to do. Like running, like getting out of bed and going to the gym. Like getting off the couch and preparing food for the week. Like cooking a good meal instead of just grabbing some easy takeout. It’s a mind game!!! Like picking up a weight and doing a session instead of a light walk on the treadmill.

 over the wall

This is what I deal with all the time, and I get it! I know how you feel. It’s all relative. What is easy for me, maybe really challenging for you. I Understand that. We all need to get over that wall.

And what is easy for the Elite professional cross fitters is definitely challenging for me. So I am in the same boat. If I want results, whatever they are. If I want to change my body composition, do 10 muscle ups, whatever it may be, then I have to do the work. Play the game. Let my higher self speak to me instead of my ego that will ALWAYS try and talk me out of what I need to do. And the same goes for you. You have a choice. Stay the same keep doing exactly what you are doing. Or get out of your comfort zone and let your true self take you to where you CAN go, if you allow it.

And once you change that mindset, how good do you feel. When I walked out of the box that day after doing “Karen” I did feel exhausted, but more than that, I felt amazing! I felt like I had pushed to a new level, accomplished a goal, and knew that I had beaten the ego and beaten the little voice telling me I couldn’t do it. And you can do exactly that too……………just do it!


Catch you soon

CM x





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