Metabolism tip #4 

How do I know if my metabolism is on the go slow? 

There are definitely signs our bodies are trying to reveal to us that things are not ok

But often we don’t notice or we ignore

It’s not ok to be constantly tired

It’s not ok to always feel cold 

It’s not ok to be losing hair, feeling sore and giving in to the weight gain

One indicator that things are “not “ ok is your body temperature 

Your body temperature can tell you a lot about why you can’t lose weight, why you feel like shit and why you’re always cold

Most people associate taking their temperature with being sick, possibly having Covid or ovulation. But body temperature readings, along with pulse readings give you a sneak peek into your physiology, your thyroid function and what’s happening with your metabolism.

And if your metabolism isn’t firing … that’s one major reason why you can’t lose weight you gain body fat and you are losing body tone

Body temperature and pulse allow you to see and track valuable data as to what’s happening with your body. Your body temperature should be above 36.5. Anything less may be indicating a body that is conserving energy and will slow

As is your resting heart rate. A rested heart rate of less than 70 b/ min is also an indication that your body is conserving energy and slowing down energy output.

Being fit (having a low resting heart rate) may indicate a good level of fitness but that doesn’t always correspond to being healthy

Thyroid hormone conversion. May indicate whether T4 is being converted to T3, the active metabolic hormone

And once you have this data, problems are exposed….

Helps Identify whether the food you are eating is working for you or against you

Helps identify whether your current exercise regime is supportive or destructive

Helps identify what other lifestyle and emotional factors affect your health in a positive or negative way.. eg stress 

Generally, a normal body temperature will range between 97.8-98.6 F (36.5-37c) If you are monitoring your body temperature and it is falling below the normal range, your body is showing your metabolic baseline and revealing to you a strain on the adrenals, the thyroid and the nervous system. It’s a sign from your body that it needs help. Time to wake up and listen to your body.

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