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I love helping women that are struggling with problems such as stubborn weight loss, feeling unhappy in their body, tired of the old existing you, and woman who are striving for change.

I have been in fitness for over 25 years and have had many clients in this time come to me with weight issues, hormonal imbalances, feeling depressed about their weight health appearance and general feelings of loathing the way they look.

My 5 step Women’s Fitness Revolution program has been designed to rediscover, reset and reinvent your body your health and your life.
From the initiation, through to the problem, the solution, the elimination and finally the revolution, this program allows women to embrace the changes needed to alter their life, their health, their body and their mind-set and create a rocking body at 40+.


You really have 5 seconds to make a decision. 5 seconds to decide if you are going to be the problem, or you are going to be the solution, because it comes down to you.






Click on the link below to find out how you can have a rocking body and feel good about yourself again.

The 5-week Revolution program is NOT for you if you are not prepared to invest in your own future your body and future wellbeing, and are not serious about making changes.

It IS for you if you are serious about making the changes and learn HOW you can apply those changes to create a rocking body and live a healthy, happy life, and be confident in your own body.

Learn the nutritional and exercise secrets along with the mind-set required that has kept myself fit healthy and rocking at 50.

There is no magic pill, no vibrating machines, no secret shakes in place of good wholesome meals.
There are simple actionable steps that work!




What makes this program different form the others is that fact that I have been there. I have experienced everything that I teach, from nutrition, to exercise, to hormonal imbalances to getting my mind in the right zone.




So…. remember, it only takes 5 seconds to decide. Problem or solution. Stick with the problem if you wish, or find the solution to your problem.
Just 1 click away.

Let’s chat.

Talk soon…


CM x

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